Raees movie got on police case - latest news

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Raees movie is waiting for release and that is why Shah rukh khan is very busy. He movie her all activities to this movie. But the latest news is the movie got police case few days ago. Basically, the main theme of the movie is a story of a bootlegger named Raees Alam, who lives in India at Gujarat. He is a gangster and also have lots of illegal business like drugs, prostitution, and dirty politics also.

Raees movie Fall on police case

Behind Raees release date the main fact of police case is about, the maximum story is going to matching with past Indian gangster Abdul Latif. Abdul latif was an Indian gangster who lives on Gujarat. Recently her sons are sayings that, Raees movie makes negative publicity about their family, and that’s why they having police case against the movie, production house, and director.

Abdul Latif

There is more rumor against the movie. Some rumor is like that the movie will not release at the EID. But actually, there are no announce by the director, actor – actress, production house. Basically, all rumor are making for anti-marketing about it. Few days ago SRK says on her social media platform “the movie (Raees) will release on EID”

Raees movie already completes their maximum shooting. Only some action seen and music videos are waiting for over. After over the shooting, the team of this movie will working to over there video editing and dubbing part. Almost it will take 1 or 1.5 months. Sunny leone also participate in an item song named Laila o Laila on this movie.

All songs of Raees movie is composed by ram Sampath. And there are one more acceptable Indian musician “Farhan Akhtar” on the movie. Ram Sampath is also a brilliant musician also. This is the first movie on her career but he has to make some famous jingle music like “tata-Docomo, reliance etc.” So the expectation from the composer also high. After all, according to the present news, the movie will release at the fixed time and SRK will boom it again.

Raees will be fully social and entertainment movie. None of nude and unexpected seen will not be shown on the film. In fact, everyone known SRK as a quality actor. If the movie will be a quality less than shah rukh khan will never act on Raees movie. On another side Mahira khan also an actress from Muslim and quality full family. She works with SRK. So you guys can get it surely that the movie never will be a dirty stuff you can enjoy the film with all of your family. More than 500 cinema hall will cast the movie at a time in India.
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Raees movie shooting almost complete – latest update

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After releasing the movie “FAN”, Shah rukh khan announce a great news on her social media platform, that he has complete maximum video shoot for Raees movie. And he gives all of its credit to the Raees movie unit, actor actress, and director. The movie will release on upcoming 3rd July of 2016. For celebrating the EID, there will release 2 movies in Bollywood. Raees is one of them. Not only for Bollywood, has it had enough impact in Pakistan because the Pakistani beauty Mahira khan is also played one of the leading roles in this movie.

 Raees movie shooting summary

Actually, the story is about bootleggers of India, who lives on Gujarat names Raees Alam. Director Rahul was looking for shooting spot, what are can matching with the story easily. That’s why they elected those place like the street of Gujarat, Uran beach of Mumbai and some place on Ahmedabad. The Raees movie duration is about 161 minute. Most of seen are taken. Only some action seen are pending to over.  Even the item song of the movie “Laila o Laila” also over to take video. Bollywood sensation sunny leone is the item girl of this song.

The script is written by Rahul dolakia. About the script writer, SRK says “he is the best on who writing the script”. Recently king khan published an image on Instagram, where people can see that he have to act for action seen hardly. On the same picture, they can discover beautiful lady Mahira khan beside SRK. The image indicates that the hole shooting will over before next month. After over the shooting, SRK has visited her hometown in Mumbai.

About the costume, shah rukh having a sunglass, with a beard on the face and wearing Panjabi. Almost fully get up with villain look. About shooting unite, Mahira explains her feelings about the shooting unit that, it was the cutest shooing unite ever she seen. She is working hard to talking Hindi at Gujarati style.

The music director Ram Sampath have already composed all of Raees movie MP3 songs. In one sentence the movie is waiting for making a boom in Bollywood history. The movie is making on an old story of Gujarat. Check the story from our site. Hope there it will release another mp3 song of the movie in this week.  
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Download Laila mp3 song from the movie Raees

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It is all most go to the finished line to make Raees movie. At the time, the hottest news is, there are a song name Laila, what will include the movie Raees. Here it has a twist, which is on this song “sunny leone” have participated as an item girl. Not only about this time, but also sunny leone and Shah rukh khan working together in a song. The song name is “Laila o Laila”, and it is recomposed by Indian music composer Ram Sampath. Download the song Laila o Laila full free from our website with lyrics.

Download Laila o Laila mp3 song from the movie Raees

Laila o laila wallpaper

Song name – Laila o Laila
Release year – 2016
Composer and artist – Ram Sampath
Album – Raees the movie
Download status – (pending)

Background of the Laila o Laila mp3 song

Actually, the song is a recomposed song what is recomposed by Ram Sampath, and it is not a new song. The song is collected from the old movie Qurbani, and that was presented by Zeenat Aman and Feroz Khan. On the time when the movie Qurbani was release, it had made a huge blockbuster.

Basically, Raees movie is made on an action thriller story. That’s why the musician was looking for an old song what will go to matching with this kind of movie. From the corner of the director, Rahul dolakia have to try to make it more perfect and attractive. That’s why he hire Bollywood sensation Sunny leone to giving accompany of this music video. According to some rumor, Mahira khan will not have any part of the music video.

Almost fans are really waiting for the Raees movie when will release on Bollywood. Most probably the movie will release on 3rd July on next EID. But before releasing the movie, fans are able to watch the music video on YouTube or other music TV channel. Till then stay with us. 
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Download Raees movie full free at any format

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 In Indian movie culture there are few movie industry but Bollywood is the biggest industry. In next EID there will release 2 Bollywood blockbuster. That is Raees and sultan. Most provably the both movie are become more hit for their story, music, actor actress, and few twist. But Raees movie is already make huge attention and people are seeking for Raees movie download at free. The audience and new fans of Rahul (director of the movie) are really and eagerly waiting for its songs music video and full movie.

Download Raees movie full free

Raees movie download

The movie Raees will release at next EID and then it will be available at various kind of format. Hall print and other normal format will uploaded on our site after 5-6 days of release. But the most wanted blue ray format will available after 15-20 days of release the movie. Other important format of the movie is given below.

Download the movie – Raees of other format

Format name
Movie length  
AVI mega look
Full movie download
DVD mobile and PC
Full movie download
3GP mobile version
Full movie download
Mp4 mobile and PC version
Full movie download

Basically Raees is a Indian crime fiction movie what have a history around Gujarat. On the movie there are lots of Indian movie and films star will working. Like Shah rukh khan, mahira khan, farhan Akhtar, on music ram shampath and other. (Check Raees movie star cast) all those stars have their particular audience. All of their audience are make the crowed larger. So it is from common sense that, the most of people are looking for the download link of the movie Raees. And the link will be available on our website after the movie release. Still they are working on shooting spot for shoot the video. But they already have release the trailer of Raees movie on YouTube, what are really won fans heart.

On other corner maybe the Raees movie will be dropped a little bit by other super star Salman khan movie Sultan. But it will not make a bigger impact on the movie. Because all ready most of fans are fixed there mind for watch the film Raees. As a result they will get 2 way. They will go to cinema hall or looking for Download Raees movie full free to watching at home.

Download all songs of Raees movie full free with lyrics

On other terms, there are huge demand of those songs of Raees movie. Because all those song will compose buy star music director Ram Shampath. The will be demand can guess after watching the public reaction on the comment what is under the trailer.

Download all song of Raees movie from our site at free. After release those songs we will collect them on our site and you can get download them. Not only songs but also lyrics will also available on our website. Check regular your website.

After all, SRK going to make a different type of movie after a huge day. And for the first time he will act on a character what is like as a villain. It makes attention of audience. And that’s why fans will be crazy to find the download link of Raees movie at free. On our website it will available after the film release.

 On other side, fans and lovers of mahira khan are really be crazy because this the first movie of mahira’s career. And it is with SRK also a big budget movie. Recently she explain a topic on social media that she is working a lot for the movie. Her that much hard work are prove that it will be a blockbuster. And movie and film lover Indian people are must be like to watch it an early time. The movie will have enough ability to makes anyone EID perfect and colorful. Because SRK will show her devil look on this movie and it have variation on its story.

People will must looking for Download Raees movie. And that is why we will collect the mp4, AVI, FLV files on our website after release the movie. Check Raees movie wallpaper, story and star cast on our site shortly. You can bookmark the link for get regular update. Keep focus on our site to download the Raees movie and enjoy it. 
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Download raees movie mp3 songs and lyrics

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Raees movie songs are awaiting to release. Bollywood have a trend, that is most of movie have few song what was make the movie more catchy and enjoyable. Like other movie of India, Raees (the movie of Mariha khan and sahrukh khan) have few song and it will make the movie catchier. Director Rahul Dholakia select Ram shapath for make all of song and compos all kind of music for the movie raees. And he (ram shapath) is doing well on her job, and you can get the prove, after watching the trailer of Raees movie. The background music of the raees movie is accepted by all fans of Redchillies entertainment and shahrukh khan

Raees movie full mp3 songs download

Ram shampath with guitar at the time compose music for raees
MR compose (Ram shampath)

Album name - Raees
Release date - EID of 2016
Music composer - ram shampath
Artist - ram, Farhan Akhtar
Banner - Red chillies entertainment
Duration - 5 min
Download status - pending for few days

As possible Mr. sampath will use more star singe to sing those song of the movie. Like Arijit sing, sreya ghosal, Farhan Akhtar and other. If Farhan will sing any song on this movie, then it will be a milestone on both of SRK and Farhan Akhter career. Because Farhan does not doing both sing and act of movie, where shahrukh khan was act on lead charecter.

Raees movie music video and download

Shahrukh khan on modeling style

Raees movie songs are having the full fill for SRK. In India at the time o 2016 everyone knows that Shahruk is not only a actor, but also a handsome model and anchors. He have a huge experience to having roll on music video before the movie of Rahul Dholakia. On the music video of raees movie, shahruk will also play her modeling roll with "raees alam" look.

Not only SRK, Mahira khan, Farhan Akhtar (singer) even Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui also have shown there self as a part of all those music video of raees movie. Recently Farhan Akhter said on a press beefing that, he is also excited to having place by the side of SRK on a same screen.

Raaes movie song’s lyrics and its writer

Shooting unit of raees 

Rahul Dholakia is not only the director of the movie raees, he is also a script writer. He have enough ability to write lyrics of any song. Most provably he will write the song after compos all those song by ram shampad. After prepare and recording those song, they will go for shoot its music video.

On last move (fan) shahruk khan was having some mind blowing expression on its music video. Most of fans are giving positive feedback. Hope on raees movie he will doing better again and he won the heart of her fans again

Raees movie crowed Day by day is become louder. People are awaiting for the movie and they are really gossiping about the Gujarat style or SRK. Most of music video will shouted on Gujarat. And some of are shouted on Mumbai and other related place India. SRK will ware Panjabi and have Bhai look on music video. All those song and music video will published before the film release. And hope that was make more blush for raees movie. To watch those music video and enjoy the mp3 song of the movie, keep watching on our web site. We will published the update faster.

As general update few day trailer of raees have published and it get huge market on YouTube and Facebook. The trailer was watched more then million times all most. Not only that, it will get huge share on Facebook and on other social media. It give the sing of that the movie will be a blockbuster of 2016. You can check its wallpaper and poster on our website now.

Few suggestion for you -
Don’t forget to bookmark our website to get all raees movie update faster

It is true that ram Sampath is an Indian present biggest rock star and music composer. But according to the movie of shah rukh khan, the public expectation is too high. People are want to get charming and amazing Raees movie song from the composer. He already completes lots of songs and the successful project like taka DoCoMo. In fact, the song Laila of Raees movie also completes by ram Sampath. On the song, sunny Leone took part with SRK as an item girl. The musician is ready to do more few unique songs. Upcoming winter will be very special. Because of this winter. Hope there will be all of the hit songs.

 On another part, on the movie Indian most accepted singer Farhan khan also act as a co-actor of Mahira and srk. He should sing a number. If it will true, then it will be also super hit like her other songs. Can’t remember? He sang a lot of song on the rock on, jingedi na mile Dobara and few for the movie of srk. There are a lot of reason to say Raees movie will gain a lot of o success. The one of it is the starring. There are no one Hindi movie where these much superstars are works at a time. To be very honestly I personally thing the movie will break all the past box office record of another movie. At the same time in India, there will be kabil will release. Kabil is a movie of Hrithik. But hopefully kabil also fall in the loss for Raees movie. After a long time, shah rukh khan plays a bad character named Raees Alam. People must be want to watch the movie.
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Raees movie - a different kind of film on Bollywood

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Shah rukh khan is not only know as king on Bollywood but also a gently actor. He is go to act on raees movie. It is not like other movie of her career. It is a crime and drama fiction movie, what will delivery message to audience, that necessity of reduce all kind of crime from society. According its story, star cast, audience response it can guess that the movie will be a different kind of movie on Bollywood history.

The Raees movie will different because -

newaz uddin and sharukh khan and mariha khan on raees movie poster
SRK and Mariha khan

Story: the story is fully different and unique also. On the movie, raees alam (lead character) always say that all kind of business is acceptable. And the story is about Gujarat. There are no any movie like raees. It will release with its message about against of social crime and prostitution.  

Mahira khan’s debut: this is the first the where the Pakistani beauty Mahira khan have act as a lead actress and it is debut for mahira on Bollywood movie. Not only first movie. This is the first time when' she act with SRK. Of course it will be a better opening for mariha’s career and she does not act any movie before the time. But she have experience of act on TV serial ad drama.

SRK look: as usual SRK is use to with his romantic look. MR. Khan is also known as romantic king of Bollywood. Sometimes he was act on some action seen like don, don – 2. But he did not act on as a villain. At the time of 2016, he is going to act on screen as a Gujarati villain on raees movie. This is not only about first time of SRK careers, but also in Bollywood history.

Star cast matching: this is the first time on history there Shah Rukh khan and Indian famous singer farhan Akhtar will act on a screen. But farhan does not sing any song on this movie. Before the movie they was work between on few movie, but they does not act on screen. Like, on the movie Don, Farhan was sing a song and Shah rukh khan was play the lead role.

Music and musician: director rahul dholakia select Ramshampath as a music composer for the movie raees. This is the first time Rahul was go to make music for a super hit movie with Shah Rukh khan. As well as Rahul was said. He is excited to make music for SRK movie. Before the movie Rahul was make music for some small budget movie and on some famous TV ad’s jingle like Docomo and other. That’s why anyone can say Ram shampath have enough ability to make music for those kind of commercial and big budget movie.

Dressup and fashion: on screen people are habited to watch SRK, Farhan Akhtar, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui on formal look. They always get shirt pant, jins even court sometimes. Their hair style was also modern. But according the story, at the era of Raees film, they will get Guajarati style. Shah Rukh khan will get Panjabi with huge beard, Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui also get hard core look. Same thing also with Mahira khan. She get her look as a Guajarati wife of a gangster.

Raees movie poster
Raees movie poster

The movie will be release on next EID. People are waiting for raees movie, and already the crowed is going to be huge. Few month ago itstrailer was release on YouTube. After realizing the trailer it will get more much view, share, like comment from any other movie of before. It prove that how much people likes the trailer.

After over all of works from fan movie, SRK was having a surgery on her shoulder. After over the surgery he does not get any long rest. Because he is go to shooting spot and have a hard working time for the movie Raees. Every one actor actress even crews are also working regularly for make over the movie perfectly. The team of Raees movie is expect that they will get perfect output on EID of their hard work. Sometimes it will makes some small problem with Pakistani actress Mahira khan to say Hindi perfectly. But she was also working well.

Expectation: all those movie (low or high budget) that are release from Bollywood are have enough expectation. This movie also have. But at now in India SRK is a name of craze. From the other side when he release any movie it can say without any doubt. Almost her movie “fan” is awaiting to go to hall. All of people who are involve with the movie of SRK and Bollywood are saying that both of those movie will be super blockbuster of 2016. Director Rahul have lot of expectation from the movie. And other important this is her first movie with Shah Rukh khan. And it will raise the expectation more and more.

Shooting spots: according the story it is important to shoot the movie on those kind of place, where it have some road with huge population. By this purpose director Rahul select Mumbai, ancient mosque (Ahmedabad), and especially the movie was shooting on Gujarat.

Still it have more than 4 months’ time to hand for make the movie more watchable. Hope the director Rahul and her Raees team will working more hardly, and they can present a blockbuster movie like other movie or SRK. Lets time to waiting for release date of the film. Keep focus on our website.  
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Raees movie wallpaper - poster and first look

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Each year Bollywood release few crime fiction movie and drama. But After a lot of days shah rukh khan have act on a crime fiction movie. According the name of lead character, they named it "raees". At English, raees is indecate to the person who is rich and wealthy. On the movie, the lead character raees alam also a rich but bootlegger person.

SRK was sitting
Raees movie official wallpaper

Raees movie wallpaper and poster

On other side, the story of the movie, is about Gujarat. All those wallpaper of raees movie, is with Guajarati style and cloth. A less of comedy and romance are shown on screen. Most of expressions on raees move are carry, better action and body language as a dirty politician. Here I give raees movie wallpaper, poster and first look below.

Shahrukh khan expression - on raees movie, sahrukh khan will present himself as the lead character raees alam. The person raees alam is a Guajarati person and he is a businessman about crime and dirty politics related other business. On wallpaper he was show her expression as a bootlegger. He takes beards to make perfect as a bhai(powerful person). Watch Shahrukh khan wallpaper from the movie raees.

Raees alam on her drugs go-down
Raees alam on her drugs go-down 

This is the official wallpaper of raees movie. On the wallpaper, there SRK was sitting on a chair, and there are huge drugs behind him.

On the photo, SRK have a Punjabi, and sun-glass. He show her attitude as a political leader, and by body language the try to show, as a politician he accept all those support of public.  

This photo is taken form shooting spot. At the time, SRK takes costume of the movie, and talking over by mobile. 

Shahrukh khan with kajol under eyes
Shahrukh khan with kajol under eyes

Mahira khan wallpaper - mahira khan will play another important character on raees movie. The character name aasiya. There Aasiya is the wife of raees alam. She ware Guajarati dress. As like as a Guajarati lady. On the raees movie wallpaper, she will present her expression as a gujrati married lady and a wife of rich man. Check mahira khan first look below

Cute mahira khan. this is the first look as aasia alam, on the movie. She ware sharee, and use a band on forehead as like a Gujarati lady. 

Check mariha khan takes makeup on the shooting spot.

Cute mahira khan

Nawaz Uddin siddiqui - there are a police office on the story of raees movie, who have mustache And he hardly take position against all kind of business of drug, prostitution, and dirty politics. Nawaz Uddin siddiqui will acting of the movie as the honest police officer. On wallpaper he present himself as a heroic police officer.

Nawaz uddin siddiqui

 This is a exclusive photo of nawazuddin siddiqui. on this photo, her fans can discover him, with a hardcore look, as a police officer.

For, prepare own self, actor actress was really working hard. As example - Shahrukh khan was did not take much rest after shoulder surgery and he took beard to make enough look as a bootlegger and a drug businessman. Mahira khan also, learn Hindi as the way of Gujarat. Farhan Akhtar and siddiqi also really works hard for develop there acting skills on raees movie.

SRK and farhaan akhtan 

Shooting time. Shahrukh khan have check her takes with camera man.

The movie will release next EID. But at now, raees movie wallpaper and first look a lots of rumor about its success, story, and those story also behind the movie making. A huge expectation is working behind the movie. Fans of srk are really waiting for the movie. After watching those wallpaper, most of fans are try to guess the story of the movie.

Note something –

  • SRK was show her villain look on wallpaper
  • Mahira khan present herself as a Guajarati housewife.
  • Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui keeps her mustache for make better tradition police look.
  • Most of outdoor pics are taken from Mumbai and Gujarat.
  • Indoors pics are taken on studio and edit those picture are by photo-shop.  

There are some more twist behind the wallpapers making. There are on wallpaper, there SRK was sit on a chair, there he is with a glass, what can indicant of her power. Stay focus on our site to know more. 
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Raees movie wiki and full biography

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The people who are love SRK movie, they are really awaiting for the upcoming blockbuster movie raees. King Khan in now busy for finish her current movie fan. The fan movie already makes huge crowed on Bollywood society and India. At this time her another project raees movie is started to making its own crowed. Both of two movie have different attraction. The main attraction of raees, here shah rukh khan show her villain outlook as raees khan.

SRK sitting on a chair, on other side there describe about the release date
Raees movie poster

Raees movie story and plot

The raees movie is about Anarchy of Gujarat. During 1980, there are a man named Raees alam on Gujarat. He have business of drug, prostitution and dirty politic also. Raees is a Hindi word, and its English meaning is wealthy person. Her wife name was Aisha Alam.

Raees alam have a motto, what is according of her mother. Her mother says, “There are no business is little. Every business is profitable and acceptable”.  According her motto he stared her business to make himself rich. Almost all kind of underworld business like crime, drug, prostitution, and dirty politics are her main business virtue. He became more and more greedy for money and power. At the mean time there a police officer, and he keep himself against raees alam. And the police officer (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) highly beat to Raees alam business.  Step by step the movie will over, and it gives huge and huge message against crime in society.  

Biography of raees movie

There I give a details biography of the raees movie. Read below...
  • Movie name – raees
  • Director – Rahul Dholakia
  • Actor / actress – Shahrukh khan, Mahira khan, Farhan Akhtar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Story writer – Harit Mehta, Niraj Shukla, Rahul Dholakia and Ashish Vashi
  • Music – Ram Sampath
  • Releas date – it will release on next EID. Most provably the time will 3rd July, 2016.
  • Shooting spot – Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Status – the movie was not realize on anywhere. Work for develop the movie is going on. But its trailer is almost published on YouTube, Facebook and TV media also.  You can check raees movie trailer on our website.

There are some matter, what make the attraction for the movie. Like after a lot of days SRK will acting on the movie with a new actress (Mahira khan). And after Katrina, she the second foreign actress, who have chance to acting with the king khan. At same frame, Farhan Akhtar will working as a lead character of the movie. Most importantly SRK will create a villain character, and it is the first time on her career.

 It is a big budget movie with huge expectation. Rahul Dholakia have really working hard with her team, and invest a lot for behind the movie. He select Ram Sampath as the music director. It is also the first time for Ram Sampath to make songs for Shah rukh khans movie. Ram is an experienced musician. Before the raees movie, he was compose some jingle and make some music for commercial ad.

SRK also working hard for the movie. After her shoulder surgery, he did not take any long break for rest. The shooting was started from April of 2015 at Mumbai. And still it is going on to finish. Already they have compete the trailer. The director say, they will present their songs and music video before the Ramadan. All most all of important works of raees movie are go to finish quickly. 
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Raees movie – release date & expectation

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Bollywood world is waiting for release the movie raees. This s the first time SRK make his villain look on screen. It is also special chance for the new comer mahira khan, and the new partner Farhan Akhtar. Because this is the first time both of them are acting with SRK. Let’s the very important question is “when the movie will release?”

Raees alam and police inspector
Raees movie release date

Raees movie release date and other public reaction

The movie will release on upcoming EID feasible. Islam is the second bigger religion on India. That’s why EID is also a very special public holyday and event also. Director Rahul dholakia will release her blockbuster raees movie on this time. Most provably the date is 3rd July of 2016.

Raees movie release date
Most provably
03 – July – 2016
Exactly relies
Upcoming EID

Actually the EID is depends on the date of full-moon. That’s why no one can say exactly what is release date. On EID of 2016, it will release two blockbuster movie of khan brother (shahrukh khan & Salman khan). Those are sultan and Raees movie. Both movie have huge expectation and public crowd.

After having a shoulder operation SRK was take a few rest. But did not stop working for the raees movie.  He works harder with her actress mahira khan and other lead character Farhan Akhtar. The rockstar Farhan was also better. But the twist is here, he did not sing any song.  Musician Ram Sampath also having non-stop working time. Her first project for raees movie is the background of trailer. People are receive the music with holy crowd and gossip also. Overall the main fact is that all those matter was prove is that the public expectation is huge and a lot of.  

Bollywood is busy now for release the movie Fan. After the movie they will be busy for getting promote for Raees movie. Allready before promote, the movie make a huge gossip. Lets see what will happened at the releasing date. 
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Raees movie – all mp3 songs download and lyrics

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The producer of the movie Raees select Ram Sampath as music composer. Ram will compose and make all the songs of upcoming movie Raees. He is a brilliant musician on India. Before make songs for raees movie he was make music on some Indian jingle, also for some famous movie like talash.

Raees movie music composer with a piano when he compose the songs
Raees movie music composer 

Raees movie mp3 song download

At the present time at the Indian movie society it is a big gossiping matter about all those mp3 song of the upcoming blockbuster movie raees. Still those song are does not relies. Ram Sampath was work hardly for prepare the music for awaiting fans. Most of fans are think about that arijit singh will sing song on the movie. If it will true, then surely the song make the movie more market friendly.

About Farhan Akhtar  

Farhan Akhtar is also a talented musician and singer in India. Before the movie he was sung song for rock-on, don, vag milka vaag and other movie. But on the movie Farhan does not sing any song own. He will just act on a lead role. And this is the first time, there Farhan and SRK will acting together.

Short overview of raees movie music album –

On other topic, the movie is about heroic mission of a villain, who was lives on guzrat and have business of drug, prostitution and dirty politics. And there two intelligent police officer came. This is the first time Shahrukh khan present himself as a dirty politician and drug business holder.

At finally, when any mp3 song of raees movie, we will collect then on our website. To get the update of raees movie mp3 song, you should regular visit our website. You can also bookmark the page on your browser. Check other update of the movie on our site. 
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