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Bollywood celebrates feel of Raees movie and this era is now busy with this controversy. Indian filmy king shah rukh khan have acted in the movie and here gorgeous another lady khan (Mahira khan) act against king khan. In fact, it is the very first project what they do together. The fun is that people are really getting the Raees movie more crazily, what are not happened as usual for a newcomer actress. The film Raees have directed by talented Rahul Dholakia.

Raees movie poster with Shah rukh khan. with the style of raees

SRK on Raees poster

Raees movie information seeker People will get amazed after knowing that, Rahul is not only the director, he is also the writer of Raees. Other people loving hero Farhan Akhtar have produced the film on a side. All over it is a package of the star. The Raees is not only a movie, it also fixed the career destiny of newcomer musician Ram Sampath and Mahira.

This movie will fix the path, where they go. The whole team of Rahul was visit Gujarat, Mumbai and other impotent places in India for complete take video shoot. All those places were impassable. All those points what was done by actor and actress were hardly challenging. Whatever they were overcome those. Talking, doing and walking like Gujarati people was intricate dearly. Finally, the trailer dropped to the public place and they get it furiously.

Raees story and movie work analysis behind the film

The Raees story, of course, will be a film, what people can watch with the loving family. As usual, SRK ignores all kind of nudity and dirtiness. Action, crime and few romance with Mahira is the context of the total story. The story is written by Rahul Dholakia and its inspiring from the late Hindustani gangster Abdul Latif. It’s a supplementary note that, son of Latif’s are does not like to make any film what considered their father's life. The fun is, they did case before they did not sure the story of the film.

On the Raees full movie shah rukh khan act like a crime man, who are totally corrupted by the business of drug, prostitution, and other bad business. The person is wise and intelligent also and known as Raees Alam. The way, he handles police, are giving proof of her intelligence. Her life is going fine. Once a time he getting fall in love. But crime does not leave him from the root. A police officer becomes a barrier to her entire life. You will see how he overcome all of her problems and become a happy man.

On raees movie shooting. Shah rukh khan and mahira going fast

SRK and mahira on ride

The Pakistani dream queen Mahira was said about Raees full movie and her team of this project

''it is an amazing opening in my Bollywood journey. Hope I will able to make happy to my director, co-actor and my team.''

It’s a point why she does not say that? How many people have this luck to work with badsha khan, moreover in debut project! SRK also happy about Mahira, and he delivers the better compliment. He is the legend actor on the present era of Indian movie area. If he gives a positive feedback, then it will be a super turn to the careers of the actress. In Raees Mahira gets looks, like a Gujarati girl. And she makes loves, fun, and few emotions with Raees Alam.

After releasing the Raees movie, you will get sure what the twist about. But it was very difficult to get body language like Gujarati people and talking like them. For having success, the total team pays a lot of times to practice. In fact, SRK also does a lot of hard work. He was getting an injury at the starting time of the shooting. But after overcoming it, he stat works for Raees.

Star cast: The leading of Raees shah rukh khan explain that if they do not go with punctuality they the part of making will be harder. Raees star cast and actor actress list are given below-

1. Shah Rukh khan (FB)
2. Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui (Twitter)
3. Mahira khan (Instagram)
4. Rahul Dholakia (Twitter)
5. Ram Sampath (SoundCloud)
6. Farhan Akhtar (FB)

All of element what are important for complete a movie will you discover here. Director Rahul shares her experience that, he passed a lot of sleepless night with the work of writing script and dialogue.

The list of Raees songs and trailer overview

Movie from Bollywood is really incomplete without songs. To giving the complete touch, Ram Sampath are worked for Raees songs. All those songs and background music are composed by the very talented composer. All behind history and portfolio of this music man are really cool. He did few people accepted music for the jingle. Tata DoCoMo is one of them. In fact, after hearing the background music of this movie, people are starting to the admiration of ram.

The taste of Raees music Ram selects for is totally natural. In fact, the same thing also happened when he makes those jingles. You should connect us to and watch the movie and get feel the test of the songs. He is not like another music maker. He makes music after knowing what will be visual. This will make sure that the music video will also awesome.

Raees songs list are the reserve on our site for your help. Farhan Akhtar may give the voice to the movie. And this is not her first time. Before this project, he gives the voice for SRK movie. And he is a well-known singer. So there is no reason to avoid its songs or other things.

After raees movie release

Upcoming Raees film has this specialty that, there are a lot of superstars are actor works for a project. People may ask, why I should watch Raees? I have an answer. You have only one life and it is not bigger also. How many chance you can get to watch a lot of superstar in a frame? Of course, if the chance will come, when you will with your friend or loving person. Yes, I mean that Raees is the movie, and if you watch at cinema hall you will have a better pleasure with you closest person.

Exact Raees release date worldwide have published

Raees release date exactly is important because People are staying perturbation to know. Because the date was dropped once ago. But at the current session the director become committed to releasing the movie on 26th January of 2016. At the same time, it will release on more than 150 halls on India. The movie will also show on lots of halls worldwide.

Crazy loves are want to know about Raees production house and everything of background. Famous movie supported company and production house red chills are the banned of Raees movie. Teaser and final trailer already have released on popular television portal and online social media. The producer cures, heroes, and other makes also invest more than 50 core rupees and a lot of hard afford. The team will invest more than 50 core for promoting and promotion purpose.

At the basic step we think, the movie will earn at least 200 core. But fans of Raees movie and SRK are saying that movie will create fresh history in Bollywood box-office. Actually negative marketing, police case, and huge starring make Raees popular easily. In the present air, there was few rumor about this film. On the point, what is the rumor is not important. Why the rumor is thinking is important. Rumor indicate the film will super hit after the dropping on cinema hall.

Don Abdul latif. He is the main source of raees story

Abdul Latif

Unique thing in Raees movie: Few unique facts are live on Raees movie. Crazy fans already mark all of this things. SRK just loves to works on unique plot. Those unique thins are-

• Mahira khan debut
Mahira and SRK first time pair
Ram shampath Debut
Biggest controversial movie
SRK is a villain here
Sunny Leone dance for SRK

When you start Raees full download and watch that, then one thing will sure that, you will entertain properly. At the recent time, there will release kaabil in India. But all prediction and expectation say kaabil will be added by Raees movie. After over the filmmaking, our director told us that, we shoot very well and our artists are working with vivid focus. Our editor is also happy. Importantly in our team, there is a natural crack-a-jack type music maker.

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