Raees songs list Download and mp3 with lyrics By Ram shampath

Ram Shampath is the Raees songs list composer. The producer of the select him as music composer. Ram will compose and make all the songs of upcoming movie Raees. He is a brilliant musician on India. Before make Raees movie songs he was make music on some Indian jingle, also for some famous movie like talash. Her 5th Bollywood project and 1st SRK project is Raees songs list making. He was looking for this kind of opportunity from a long time. Now he go for win it.

The list of Raees songs is made with full Gujarati flavor. There is few classical and romantic musical number also. Music director and producer was thinking make a songs list where all kind of number will available. By this way, they can continue their business with whole year with loves with fans. Hope You will glad after having those songs.

Raees movie music composer with a piano when he compose the songs
Raees movie music composer 

Raees songs list download full mp3 songs

At the present time at the Indian movie society it is a big gossiping matter about all those mp3 song of the upcoming blockbuster film and Raees story. If the Raees songs list will reach to highest hit on this year, the it bring the lucky turn for SRK. Still those song are does not relies. Ram Sampath was work hardly for prepare the music for awaiting fans. Most of fans are think about that arijit singh will sing song on the movie. If it will true, then surely the song make the Raees movie more market friendly.

Songs 1. Laila o laila
Singer: Pawni Pandey
Writer: Indeevar

Songs 2. Zaalima
Singer: Arijit shing
Writer: Rahul

Songs 3. Not fixed yet
Singer: Not fixed yet
Writer: Not fixed yet

Songs 4. Not fixed yet
Singer: Not fixed yet
Writer: Not fixed yet

 At the current time, there is no list like Raees movie songs list. Their music director keeps all kind of songs like classical, Indian and romantic. The pair of Shah Rukh and Mahira gives the perfection of all those songs. Those people who watch the videos with songs must like that creation. Because there favorite SRK present himself with Mahira at a new wild look. Of Course, it is unique in both khans career. Another music related actor Farhan also explains her feeling about those songs. He is really happy to importantly the songs Laila o Laila. After remaking the songs, its sounds like super. According to the latest news, the buddy does not sing any Raees movie songs. Few of fans are really upset for that.

Raees mp3 songs list and about Farhan Akhtar  

The Raees songs list are perfect because of the variation of the type. Farhan Akhtar is also a talented musician and singer in India. Before the movie he was sung song for rock-on, don, vag milka vaag and other movie. But on the movie Farhan does not sing any song own. He will just act on a lead role. And this is the first time, there Farhan and SRK will acting together.

Raees songs dance flor with cute mahira khan
Mahira khan ar Raees music video

Short overview of raees mp3 music album: Here i give a short overview of the Album Raees mp3. It will helps you to justified what kind of movie it will be. Lets read and check those info of SRK movie.
  • Music Director – Ram Sampath
  • Year – 2016
  • Relies date – 26th January
  • Producer – Gauri Khan, Farhan Akhtar
  • Singer – untitled

 On other topic, the Raees songs and movie is about heroic mission of a villain, who was lives on guzrat and have business of drug, prostitution and dirty politics. And there two intelligent police officer came. This is the first time Shahrukh khan present himself as a dirty politician and drug business holder. 

Raees songs list fact and importance

Indians are movie and music lover by born. For their love, Raees songs list are really important. They become crazy when any new songs are going to touch their heart. So hope you understand that why the list of Raees songs is important. But there are few thing what are unknown to most of will be audience of the film Raees. Don’t worry, I here describe all of them in a list below.

  • There only one musician names come first to describe this album. He is Ram Sampath. But people does not know that there is more music composer without Ram on the movie.
  • Raees songs list download are totally free. Most of the audience are think it is copyrighted by red chilies. 
  • It sounds weird but true that director Rahul is also a script and lyrics writer. And he writes a song’s lyrics for her movie. 
  • Farhan is a people accepted singer in Hindustan. But it is funny that he does not sing any song on the blockbuster like Raees. 
  • All songs are not brand new. Few song like Laila o Laila is remaking song. 

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