Raees story and plot details of movie by Rahul Dholakia – SRK

Crazy Raees story lovers are want to know the plot of the movie. In each year SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) must be present something huge blockbuster. Raees movie is something like that. It will be a great blockbuster in whole India at 2016. Already the movie make a huge crowd of gossip in SRK lover and fans.  Because of their king khan become both of hero and villain 2 character on this movie. Let’s know about the movie story.

SRK as raees alam with a politician style
Raees alam

Raees Story and plot description

The Raees story about a bhai (powerful local politician), cleaver police officer, and there relation, having work etc. No other movie of Shah rukh khan is like that. Here have something different, on this movie. It is true that the movie have different story. The fans are not use-to with that kind of movie. It can prove the point Raees Full movie story must be make break some record of blockbuster. 

In the Raees movie story there are tow different part what is the main thing to make crazy audience. One is Raees alam. Another this is strong acting skill of Newaz uddin siddiqi. But few people are also crazy for mahira khan. Not only India and Bollywood, there are huge fans are waiting for the movie in Hollywood and USA. Here you check the Raees story please.

Quick Story plot of Raees movie

The Raees story plot around Gujarat. Gujarat is a big part of India. At the time of 1980 there was come bootleggers who can do everything for their welfare. The movie story is stands about an underworld DON, her wife/ girlfriend, two police officer.  The movie are about politics, drug business, dirty behavior, prostitution, and greedy mentality for power.

Shah Rukh khan as Raees alam with talk on phone
SRK as raees alam

Raees story and background of the movie

Before crack Raees story you have to know how the idea comes from. The meaning of the word “Raees” is rich person or wealthy. The main character of the movie is Raees alam, who is Shah Rukh Khan. And her character was about a bootleggers and cruel minded politician who can do any this for her power. By the speech of the bootlegger’s mother, always he keep trust on the line “No single bad business is bad. Every way of business is great and acceptable”. It is proven by those kind of dialogues, how much cruel the lead character Raees Alam was.

Her (Raees alam) wife Mohsina alam is the other character. The background of the story will present in Gujarat. By the dirty politics, drug business and prostitution the Alam (SRK) increase her power. Once here appearance two police officer. By a journey, the movie will over perfectly.
Few quote: Actually, according to the Raees full movie, it is a movie of crime drama fiction. The writer of the story of Rahul writes it after inspiring from the life story of Indian gangster Abdul Latif. But it is not a story of Abdul Latif. It’s just an inspiration. On another side sons of Latif's are misunderstand the team of Raees movie. And they hook a police case against the film.

The real matter of Raees story, it is a movie of entertainment and it was shot on Gujarat. Really the movie does not make to hurt anyone. It’s a commercial project for SRK and Mahira. During the time of shooting Shah rukh having lots of busy time and all of the stunt are doing by own. Here peoples are going to introduce with another new Farhan for her Sufi type looks. But I am really excited about sunny Leone. Because the way she acts, does not sink with Raees movie story.