Raees songs Download full mp3 songs list and lyrics by SRK

All Raees songs Download are awaiting to release. Bollywood have a trend, that is most of movie have few song what was make the movie more catchy and enjoyable. Like other movie of India, Raees (the movie of Mariha khan and sahrukh khan) have few song and it will make the movie catchier. Because people are also love music with videos.

 Director of Raees full movie Rahul Dholakia select Ram shapath for make all song and compos all kind of music for the big dreamed film Raees . And he (ram shapath) is doing well on her job, and you can get the prove, after watching the trailer of Raees all video songs. The background music of the raees movie is accepted by all fans of Redchillies entertainment and Shah Rukh khan.

Raees songs download at full mp3 YouTube

Ram shampath with guitar at the time compose music for raees
MR compose (Ram shampath)

The Raees songs list will published by composer. As possible Mr. sampath will use more star singe to sing those song of the movie. Like Arijit sing, sreya ghosal, Farhan Akhtar and other. If Farhan will sing any song on this movie, then it will be a milestone on both of SRK and Farhan Akhter career. Because Farhan does not doing both sing and act of movie, where shahrukh khan was act on lead charecter.

  • Album name - Raees
  • Release date - 26th of 2017 January
  • Music composer - Ram shampath
  • Artist - Ram, Farhan Akhtar
  • Banner - Red chillies entertainment

The funny fact it all songs of raees movie are complete before a year ago. In fact songs video also. But it does not relase just beacause of police case. On another article we descrive you about that. check it out. Songs we provide here are on Mp3 formet. Make sure that you have enough memory space on your mobile of laptop before start Downlod Raees Mp3 songs.

Raees Songs list, music video and download

All Raees songs are having the full fill for SRK. In India at the time o 2016 everyone knows that Shahruk is not only a actor, but also a handsome model and anchors. He have a huge experience to having roll on music video before the movie of Rahul Dholakia. On the music video of raees movie, shahruk will also play her modeling roll with "Raees alam" look.

Shahrukh khan on modeling style
 Not only SRK, Mahira khan, Farhan Akhtar (singer) even Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui also have shown there self as a part of all those music video of raees movie. Recently Farhan Akhter said on a press beefing that, he is also excited to having place by the side of SRK on a same screen.

Raaes movie song’s lyrics and its writer

 On the Raees movie Rahul Dholakia is not only the director, he is also a script writer. He have enough ability to write lyrics of any song. Most provably he will write the song after compos all those song by ram shampad. After prepare and recording those song, they will go for shoot its music video.

Shooting unit of raees 

 At the Raees songs discussion point there i mention few thing. like On last movie (fan) shahruk khan was having some mind blowing expression on its music video. Most of fans are giving positive feedback. Hope on raees movie he will doing better again and he won the heart of her fans again

Raees music video crowed Day by day is become louder. People are awaiting for the movie and they are really gossiping about the Gujarat style or SRK. Most of music video will shouted on Gujarat. And some of are shouted on Mumbai and other related place India. SRK will ware Panjabi and have Bhai look on music video.

All Raees songs and music video will published before the film release. And hope that was make more blush for Raees movie. To watch those music video and enjoy the mp3 song of the movie, keep watching on our web site. We will published the update faster.

As general update few day Raees trailer have published and it get huge market on YouTube and Facebook. The trailer was watched more then million times all most. Not only that, it will get huge share on Facebook and on other social media. It give the sing of that the movie will be a blockbuster of 2016. You can check its wallpaper and poster on our website now.

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It is true that ram Sampath is an Indian present biggest rock star and music composer. But according to the movie of shah rukh khan, the public expectation is too high. People are want to get charming and amazing Shah Rukh khan Raees movie songs from the composer. He already completes lots of songs and the successful project like TaTa DoCoMo.

 In fact, the song Laila of Raees movie also completes by ram Sampath. On the song, sunny Leone took part with SRK as an item girl. The musician is ready to do more few unique songs. Upcoming winter will be very special. Because of this winter. Hope there will be all of the hit songs.

Few Raees songs FAQ ans here:
  • Ram is the main musician. Without he, there are more other talented music man.
  • All songs are classical type.
  • There are no comedy type songs. All songs are consider serious message.
  • In fact SRK have act here. that makes special. 

 On another part, on Raees movie Indian most accepted singer Farhan Akhtar also act as a co-actor of Mahira and srk. He should sing a number. If it will true, then it will be also super hit like her other songs. Can’t remember? He sang a lot of song on the rock on, jingedi na mile Dobara and few for the movie of srk. There are a lot of reason to say the movie will gain a lot of o success. The one of it is the starring. There are no one Hindi movie where these much superstars are works at a time.

About Raees songs download to be very honestly I personally thing the movie will break all the past box office record of another movie. At the same time in India, there will be kabil will release. Kabil is a movie of Hrithik. But hopefully kabil also fall in the loss for Raees movie. After a long time, shah rukh khan plays a bad character named Raees Alam. People must be want to watch the movie.