Raees movie by SRK - a different kind of film on Bollywood

The Raees movie is totally different kind of film. Discussing here about the topic. Shah rukh khan is not only know as king on Bollywood but also a gently actor. He is go to act on this movie. It is not like other movie of her career. It is a crime and drama fiction movie, what will delivery message to audience, that necessity of reduce all kind of crime from society.

According Raees story, star cast, audience response it can guess that the movie will be a different kind of movie on Bollywood history. Here we present you Raees full movie wiki and details. Hope you will like it. 

The Raees movie will different because -

newaz uddin and sharukh khan and mariha khan on raees movie poster
SRK and Mariha khan

Story: Raees story is fully different and unique also. On the movie, raees alam (lead character) always say that all kind of business is acceptable. And the story is about Gujarat. There are no any movie like raees. It will release with its message about against of social crime and prostitution.  

Mahira khan’s debut: this is the first the where the Pakistani beauty Mahira khan have act as a lead actress and it is debut for mahira on Bollywood movie. Not only first movie. This is the first time when' she act with SRK. Of course it will be a better opening for mariha’s career and she does not act any movie before the time. But she have experience of act on TV serial ad drama.

SRK look: as usual SRK is use to with his romantic look. MR. Khan is also known as romantic king of Bollywood. Sometimes he was act on some action seen like don, don – 2. But he did not act on as a villain. At the time of 2016, he is going to act on screen as a Gujarati villain on raees movie. This is not only about first time of SRK careers, but also in Bollywood history.

Star cast matching: this is the first time on history there Shah Rukh khan and Indian famous singer farhan Akhtar will act on a screen. But farhan does not sing any song on this movie. Before the movie they was work between on few movie, but they does not act on screen. Like, on the movie Don, Farhan was sing a song and Shah rukh khan was play the lead role.

Music and musician: All raees songs are ready now to boom on market. Director rahul dholakia select Ramshampath as a music composer for the Raees full movie. This is the first time Rahul was go to make music for a super hit movie with Shah Rukh khan. As well as Rahul was said. He is excited to make music for SRK movie. Before the movie Rahul was make music for some small budget movie and on some famous TV ad’s jingle like Docomo and other. That’s why anyone can say Ram shampath have enough ability to make music for those kind of commercial and big budget movie.

Dressup and fashion: on screen people are habited to watch SRK, Farhan Akhtar, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui on formal look. They always get shirt pant, jins even court sometimes. Their hair style was also modern. But according the story, at the era of Raees film, they will get Guajarati style. Shah Rukh khan will get Panjabi with huge beard, Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui also get hard core look. Same thing also with Mahira khan. She get her look as a Guajarati wife of a gangster.

Raees movie poster
Raees movie poster

The Raees movie will be release on upcoming 26th january. People are waiting for Raees full movie download, and already the crowed is going to be huge. Few month ago Raees trailer was release on YouTube. After realizing the trailer it will get more much view, share, like comment from any other movie of before. It prove that how much people likes the trailer. (Update: the release date is change bt the raees cast team. It will release after 26 january of 2017)

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After over all of works from fan movie, SRK was having a surgery on her shoulder. After over the surgery he does not get any long rest. Because he is go to shooting spot and have a hard working time for the movie Raees. Every one actor actress even crews are also working regularly for make over the movie perfectly. The team of Raees movie is expect that they will get perfect output on EID of their hard work. Sometimes it will makes some small problem with Pakistani actress Mahira khan to say Hindi perfectly. But she was also working well.

Expectation: all those movie (low or high budget) that are release from Bollywood are have enough expectation. This movie also have. But at now in India SRK is a name of craze. From the other side when he release any movie it can say without any doubt. Almost her movie “fan” is awaiting to go to hall. All of people who are involve with the movie of SRK and Bollywood are saying that both of those movie will be super blockbuster of 2016. Director Rahul have lot of expectation from the movie. And other important this is her first movie with Shah Rukh khan. And it will raise the expectation more and more.

Shooting spots: according the story it is important to shoot the movie on those kind of place, where it have some road with huge population. By this purpose director Rahul select Mumbai, ancient mosque (Ahmedabad), and especially the movie was shooting on Gujarat.

Do you want to know raees trailer release date now? There the beginning part of 2016 a trailer was release. here SRK show her image as a bad man. But that was not the final image. The producer are works to release another Raees teaser on internet. By the teaser they will promote the movie on internet. When they will stated the promotion, then they will cover all social media.

Still it have more than few months’ time to hand for make the raees Story and movie trailer and full film more watchable. Hope the director Rahul and her Raees team will working more hardly, and they can present a blockbuster movie like other movie or SRK. Lets time to waiting for release date of the film. Keep focus on our website.