Raees images, wallpaper and first look download from the movie

Before get Raees images you should know few thing. Each year Bollywood release few crime fiction movie and drama. But After a lot of days shah rukh khan have act on a crime fiction movie. Idea of the story of the thriller cinema are coming from biography of a Hindustani criminal.

 Lets talk about Raees movie christening. According the name of lead character, they named it "raees". At English, raees is indecate to the person who is rich and wealthy. On the movie, the lead character raees alam also a rich but bootlegger person.

Raees images and wallpaper download

Most of Raees images are taken before the final trailer release. On other side, the Raees Story what is the base of the movie is about Gujarat. All those wallpaper from raees trailer, is with Guajarati style and cloth. A less of comedy and romance are shown on screen. Few time you will see SRK hugs as romantically wallpaper.

 Lot of Raees wallpaper and expressions are carry, better action and body language as a dirty politician. Here I give wallpaper, poster and first look below. Our her with glass, Shurma and panjabi. You must happy to collect it. There are no reason the avoid those pictures. 

Raees images and wallpaper
Official wallpaper

Shahrukh khan expression - on Raees images, sahrukh khan will present himself as the lead character raees alam. The person raees alam is a Guajarati person and he is a businessman about crime and dirty politics related other business.

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Watch Shahrukh khan's Raees wallpaper from the movie. On wallpaper he was show her expression as a bootlegger. He takes beards to make perfect as a bhai(powerful person). 

Raees alam on her drugs go-down
Raees alam on her drugs go-down 

This is the official wallpaper of raees movie. On the wallpaper, there SRK was sitting on a chair, and there are huge drugs behind him.

Raees movie images and wallpaper

All Raees songs video even on the photo, SRK have a Punjabi, and sun-glass. He show her attitude as a political leader, and by body language the try to show, as a politician he accept all those support of public.  

Raees first look images

Raees images

This Raees image is taken form shooting spot. At the time, SRK takes costume of the movie, and talking over by mobile. 

Shahrukh khan with kajol under eyes
Shahrukh khan with kajol under eyes

Mahira khan wallpaper - mahira khan will play another important character on Raees movie. The character name aasiya. There Aasiya is the wife of raees alam. She ware Guajarati dress. As like as a Guajarati lady. On the raees movie wallpaper, she will present her expression as a gujrati married lady and a wife of rich man. Check mahira khan first look below

Raees images Gujrati style mahira khan

Cute mahira khan. this is the first look as aasia alam, on the movie. She ware sharee, and use a band on forehead as like a Gujarati lady. 

Raees images of mahira khan

Check mariha khan takes makeup on the shooting spot.

Raees images and Wallpaper

Raees images and Wallpaper mahira makeup
Cute mahira khan

Nawaz Uddin siddiqui - there are a police office on the story of Raees Full movie, who have mustache And he hardly take position against all kind of business of drug, prostitution, and dirty politics. Nawaz Uddin siddiqui will acting of the movie as the honest police officer. On wallpaper he present himself as a heroic police officer.

Raees images and Wallpaper
Nawaz uddin siddiqui

Raees Wallpaper nawzuddin
Break of shooting

 This is a exclusive Raees photo of Nawazuddin siddiqui wallpaper. on this photo, her fans can discover him, with a hardcore look, as a police officer.

Raees images nawazuddin expression
Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui

After receive the Raees story what was doing Mahira? For, prepare own self, actor actress was really working hard. As example - Shahrukh khan was did not take much rest after shoulder surgery and he took beard to make enough look as a bootlegger and a drug businessman.

 To do perfect acting Mahira khan also, learn Hindi as the way of Gujarat. Farhan Akhtar and siddiqi also really works hard for develop there acting skills on Raees film.

SRK and farhan Raees images
SRK and farhaan akhtan 

Top Raees movie images
SRK on camera

Shooting time. Shahrukh khan have check her takes with camera man.

Anther Raees images and the movie will release next 26th january. But at now, Raees movie wallpaper and first look a lots of rumor about its success, story, and those story also behind the movie making. A huge expectation is working behind the movie. Fans of srk are really waiting for the movie. After watching those wallpaper, most of fans are try to guess the story of the movie.

Note Raees images and something –

  • SRK was show her villain look on wallpaper
  • Mahira khan present herself as a Guajarati housewife.
  • Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui keeps her mustache for make better tradition police look.
  • Most of outdoor pics are taken from Mumbai and Gujarat.
  • Indoors pics are taken on studio and edit those picture are by photo-shop.  

On Raees images there are some more twist behind the wallpapers making. There are on wallpaper, there SRK was sit on a chair, there he is with a glass, what can indicant of her power. Stay focus on our site to know more. We the source of all Raees news and information. Its not official but nothing less then official. Hope you will stay with us.