Raees alam wiki, detail and full biography from Raees movie

Time to know Raees wiki by Rahul dolakia. The people who are love SRK movie, they are really awaiting for the upcoming blockbuster movie Raees. King Khan in now busy for finish her current movie fan. The fan movie already makes huge crowed on Bollywood society and India.

 Raees alam is a misty of the film. A bad person, bad businessman and a romantic hero he is on the video. At this time SRK's another project raees movie is started to making its own crowed. Both of two movie have different attraction. The main attraction of raees, here shah rukh khan show her villain outlook as raees khan.

SRK sitting on a chair, on other side there describe about the release date
Raees movie poster

Raees Alam biography, Wiki and Details

On the Raee wiki we are going to share you the context about moto, full detail and other information. The  movie is about anarchy of Gujarat. During 1980, there are a man named Raees alam on Gujarat. He have business of drug, prostitution and dirty politic also. Raees is a Hindi word, and its English meaning is wealthy person. Her wife name was Aisha Alam.

But in the Raees alam who are act in the movie, and the main character of the real history are not same person and same case. Son's of abdul latif cant understand the this twist. Alam have a motto, what is according of her mother. Her mother says, “There are no business is little. Every business is profitable and acceptable”.  According her motto he stared her business to make himself rich. Almost all kind of underworld business like crime, drug, prostitution, and dirty politics are her main business virtue.

 Raees alam became more and more greedy for money and power. At the mean time there a police officer, and he keep himself against raees alam. And the police officer (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) highly beat to Raees alam business. Step by step the movie will over, and it gives huge and huge message against crime in society. Shahrukh khan upcoming movie Raees release date when was release on internet, most of waiter are become so much happy.

Raees movie Biography and story

Raees cast are almost over now. But there are some matter, what make the attraction for the movie. Like after a lot of days SRK will acting on the movie with a new actress (Mahira khan). And after Katrina, she the second foreign actress, who have chance to acting with the king khan. At same frame, Farhan Akhtar will working as a lead character of the movie. Most importantly SRK will create a villain character, and it is the first time on her career.

Raees action seen
Raees action seen

 On Raees wiki topic you have to know the expectation of the film. It is a big budget movie with huge expectation. Rahul Dholakia have really working hard with her team, and invest a lot for behind the movie. He select Ram Sampath as the music director. It is also the first time for Ram Sampath to make raees songs list for Shah rukh khans movie.

There I give a details biography of the raees movie. Read below...
  • Movie - Raees
  • Director - Rahul Dholakia
  • Actor / actress - Shahrukh khan, Mahira khan, Farhan Akhtar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Main charecter - Raees alam
  • Story writer - Harit Mehta, Niraj Shukla, Rahul Dholakia and Ashish Vashi
  • Music - Ram Sampath
  • Release date - it will release on next EID. Most provably the time will 3rd July, 2016.
  • Shooting spot - Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Status - the movie was not realize on anywhere. Work for develop the movie is going on. But its trailer is almost published on YouTube, Facebook and TV media also.  You can check raees movie trailer on our website.

 Ram is an experienced musician. Before the raees movie, he was compose some jingle and make some music for commercial ad. All songs of Raees are come under Zee music company. The main matter is, all of her commercial and TVC are become super hit only for music. That why you can keep faith on the musician that he can make good music for the movie.

At the Raees wiki ending part we accept that SRK also working hard for the movie. After her shoulder surgery, he did not take any long break for rest. The shooting of Raees movie was started from April of 2015 at Mumbai. And still it is going on to finish. Already they have compete the trailer. The director say, they will present their songs and music video before the Ramadan. All most all of important works of making "Raees Alam" are go to finish quickly.