Raees movie shooting almost complete – latest update

After releasing the movie “FAN”, Shah rukh khan announce a great news on her social media platform, that he has complete maximum video shoot for Raees movie. And he gives all of its credit to the Raees cast unit, actor actress, and director. The movie will release on upcoming 3rd July of 2016. For celebrating the new year, there will release 2 movies in Bollywood. Raees is one of them.

 Whatever Raees movie is a Hindustani film. But not only for Bollywood, has it had enough impact in Pakistan because the Pakistani beauty Mahira khan is also played one of the leading roles in this movie. The journey will over upcoming day of release.

Raees movie shooting summary

Actually, the movie Raees story  and trailer is about bootleggers of India, who lives on Gujarat names Raees Alam. Director Rahul was looking for shooting spot, what are can matching with the story easily. That’s why they elected those place like the street of Gujarat, Uran beach of Mumbai and some place on Ahmedabad. The Raees movie duration is about 161 minute. Most of seen are taken. Only some action seen are pending to over. 

 Even the item song of the Raees movie “Laila o Laila songs” also over to take video. Bollywood sensation sunny Leone is the item girl of this song. The song almost makes a lot of rumor on the society of young. Bangladeshi and Pakistani youngsters are also not the part of out of this discussion. Hope the music video will be published on TV and YouTube at the end on December of 2016. Raeesmovie-2016.com will also inform you the information after release.

The script or Raees movie is written by Rahul dolakia. About the script writer, SRK says “he is the best on who writing the script”. Recently king khan published an image on Instagram, where people can see that he have to act for action seen hardly. On the same picture, they can discover beautiful lady Mahira khan beside SRK. The image indicates that the hole shooting will over before next month. After over the shooting,

 SRK has visited her hometown in Mumbai. He will again visit the city at Raees release date period. About the costume, shah rukh having a sunglass, with a beard on the face and wearing Panjabi. Almost fully get up with villain look. About shooting unite, Mahira explains her feelings about the shooting unit that, it was the cutest shooing unite ever she seen. She is working hard to talking Hindi at Gujarati style.

Raees songs compose and singing

Music director of Raees film is Ram Sampath. He is a mindblowing artist.  have already composed all of Raees songs. In one sentence the movie is waiting for making a boom in Bollywood history. The movie is making on an old story of Gujarat. Check the story from our site. Hope there it will release another mp3 song of the movie in this week.  

Let me add few information about Raees movie download full free. Actually it is an entertainment movie. SRK really loves to do commercial and non-adult movie. The main base of the story what we know from Raees trailer of the movie is a Indian crime drama fiction. The major part of shutting was complete on Gujarat. And all of actor actress and the hero Raees Alam (srk) also works a lot with this unit. The sensor board of Bollywood was decide to release the movie at EID.

 But after fall in police case the total matter become turnover. It will release on January of same year. Keep focus on the website. We will provide you Raees full movie free download. Those songs, wallpaper and others are also available. But you can now watch Raees teaser free on our website. Dont worry and keep well wish for your desire movie.