Raees late release date | got on police case | latest news

The upcoming Raees movie is waiting for release and that is why Shah rukh khan is very busy. He movie her all activities to this movie. But the latest news is the movie got police case few days ago. But it was falls on police case. Now upcoming release date is 26th january.

 Basically, the main theme of Raees full movie is a story of a bootlegger named Raees Alam, who lives in India at Gujarat. He is a gangster and also have lots of illegal business like drugs, prostitution, and dirty politics also.

Raees movie Fall on police case

Behind Raees Images and movie release date the main fact of police case is about, the maximum story is going to matching with past Indian gangster Abdul Latif. The man Abdul Latif was an Indian gangster who lives in the city Gujarat. Recently her sons are sayings that, Raees movie makes negative publicity about their family, and that’s why they having police case against the movie, production house, and director.

 This is the reason why the movie was unable to release on exact time. Now the case is finished now what was booked by the sons of Abdul Latif. But before the case there is a trailer of Raees movie was already released and the trailer was gain a lot of public crowed. Check our site that we talk about the topic before. 

Abdul Latif

There is more rumor against the movie. Some rumor is like that the movie will not release at the EID. But actually, there are no announce by the director, actor – actress, production house. Basically, all rumor are making for anti-marketing about it. Few days ago SRK says on her social media platform “the movie (Raees) will release on EID”

Raees movie already completes their maximum shooting. Only some action seen and music videos are waiting for over. After over the shooting, the team of this movie will working to over there video editing and dubbing part. Almost it will take 1 or 1.5 months. Sunny leone also participate in an item song named Laila o Laila on this movie.

All Raees songs is composed by ram Sampath. And there are one more acceptable Indian musician “Farhan Akhtar” on the movie. Ram Sampath is also a brilliant musician also. This is the first movie on her career but he has to make some famous jingle music like “tata-Docomo, reliance etc.” So the expectation from the composer also high. After all, according to the present news, the movie will release at the fixed time and SRK will boom it again.

Raees movie will be fully social and entertainment movie. None of nude and unexpected seen will not be shown on the film. In fact, everyone known SRK as a quality actor. If the movie will be a quality less than shah rukh khan will never act on Raees movie. On another side Mahira khan also an actress from Muslim and quality full family. She works with SRK. So you guys can get it surely that the movie never will be a dirty stuff you can enjoy the film with all of your family. More than 500 cinema hall will cast the movie at a time in India.

Latest update: This Raees movie update is collected from shah rukh khan on 04 December. On the information, I inform you that the Raees movie will release on January 26th at 2017. At the mean time, SRK over the part of the shooting of the movie and he is now busy to promote the news. A few days ago he published a video on YouTube.

On the video, he dares to every fan that to ask him the question of the favor the movie. Hopefully the final trailer will be published as early as possible and most of the TV channel on India will broadcast. So reader, finally I say you one thing that if you don’t watch the movie then it is sure to say you will miss few good moment in your life. Raeesmovie-2016.com will give you the opportunity to download the movie and songs. Don’t miss it and bookmark us.